Would you like your very own Metot? Choose Mystery Metot!

WHAT IS A METOT? : A Metot is a unique combination of three animals drawn by the artist, Amy Kollar Anderson. The Metot characteristics include a Tater Tot shaped body, lots of textures and personality! Each Metot has a name and a Metot Motivation. The Motivation is a motto or saying that the Metot uses to inspire others in their community. 

HOW CAN I GET MY OWN METOT? : Start with a Mystery Metot. You will be asked to select three animals. You can state a generic or specific animal, for example a dog or German Shepard.  Metots can not be controlled, so you can not specify how the animals appear. For example, you can not ask for a dog head, monkey body and a cat tail. Sorry, Metots just don't work that way! 

WHAT DO YOU GET WITH YOUR MYSTERY METOT? : Once your Metot has been digitally drawn and colored using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, the cutie will be given a name and a Motivation. Once the Metot is finished, you will receive a 5"x7" postcard and one quality 4" custom vinyl sticker of your Metot in the mail. You will also receive an 8"x10" PDF of your Metot to download, print and color with your friends. Plus, I will edit and share a YouTube video of your Metot being drawn. 

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? : The process to create a Metot may take as long as a month to draw and color. There is also time needed to send the image to the sticker printer and have it returned to Amy so she can mail it with your postcard. Remember, this is a custom Metot made just for you! Patience is rewarded in the Metots Multiverse! 

WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY METOT? : You can share your Metot on social media. We would love if you use #MetotsArt when you share you Metot with the world. You can print your PDF and share it with your friends. You can get a tattoo of your Metot! 

CAN I GIVE A METOT AS A GIFT? : Yes! Once you select your Mystery Metot, you will be asked for the name of the individual to be bonded with that Metot. We can also issue a Gift Certificate and mail it to you or the person receiving the Metot gift. 

CAN A MYSTERY METOT BE BONDED WITH MORE THAN ONE PERSON? : Yes! This is a fun way for friends or siblings to unite by each selecting an animal to be included in the Metot. There is a place to note extra names at check out. 

WHAT AM I NOT ALLOWED TO DO WITH MY METOT? : You can not sell any products with images of your Metot. You are bonded with your Metot, but Amy Kollar Anderson owns all copyrights on the images, motivations and associated materials. She has permission to reproduce your Metot on items for sale without consulting you or giving compensation. But don't worry, she loves all of the Metots and takes very good care of them.